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http://www.tileyourself.com. I have joined KLM’s tileyourself contest. Come on and Join us. Reklamer

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The Journey: When it all started, I think?

When did it all begin? I have asked myself many times. Was it on my grandfather’s knee or lap, when he was telling me stories from Africa, Asia or South America? Was it when I was running around in the … Les videre

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When opportunity knocks

It dawned upon me when I was writing about ”Breiflabben”. I’ve been a good listener every time “opportunity knocks”. Not that I have leaned back and listened, but more in the essence of actually have heard the knocking and jumped … Les videre

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Hello world!

Quite an ambitious title for my first posting on this platform. But, what the heck, the title was already there and I’ve seen plenty of the world, hence the world must have seen plenty of me as well. My daily … Les videre

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