About Breiflabben

Breiflabb, Anglerfish or Seeteufel as the fish is called in German, is an ugly fish with a huge head and a body shaped like a narrowing tale. The fish is a delicacy with the most juicy and tender meat you can dream of. No fish bones, just a spine separating two fantastic filets from neck to tale.

Not a pretty sight and not so tempting to serve either, but delicious food.

So why would I give myself a nickname related to such an ugly bastard like this?

Not easy to answer, but its due to mainly two different sides of me.

A»Breiflabb» in Norwegian could mean a «broadmouthed» person, one who has a snappy reply and I could probably be put in that category of the people who know me well.

And the other thing which influenced my nickname was my love for cooking. In 2002 I joyned as an amateur cook with dreams of his own restaurant, in the food festival in Stavanger with my own stall.

And my little restaurant «Breiflabben»  had this handpainted sign hanging over the entrance.

For two years I had a stall during «Gladmat Festivalen» in Stavanger and I think those days were some of the best in my life. My youngest daughter helped me with the preparations and the serving while I cooked for friends and others visiting my little restaurant.

I was in heaven 🙂

Unfortunately I don’t have a restaurant on my own and I haven’t saved up any money for one either, I guess I found out a bit late in life what happiness a restaurant would have brought to my life.

But life has been good to me. It has given me a wide specter of happenings and experiences from all over the world and still only from some tiny spots on our planet. My job, with a little help from myself, has taken me to many areas away from Norways coast. I am a land surveyor of profession, but I have excecuted that kind of knowledge within all aspects of the petroleum industri from seismic and exploration to construction and engineering of huge platforms and the fabrication of the most accurate tools to operate in the business.

My job has taken me from the deserts of Northern Africa to the shores of the Tasmanian Sea, from LNG plants by the North Cape to the bushveld in South Africa and from vodka and caviar in the Far East Russia to the nodding dunkies in California.

I’ve been a lucky man 🙂

But it doesn’t matter where in the world you are working or just visiting for that matter, as long as you can end the day with a nice cooling and refreshing beer 🙂

The rest of my story I hope I will dash out on my journey here on this blog, traveling through spiced-up memories.

Have a safe journey.


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